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It is a pleasure to share my music with you. I have had a incredible career and opportunities in the art, music and expression in many ways. I am not a vocalist-singer, but I am fortunate to be inspired and write music about the ones that have touched my life and also my loved ones. Here are my latest compositions, music and lyrics:

Isla Linda “Beautiful Island” is a song about the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico that has inspired me to write a contemporary danza

Amor Perdido “Lost Love” is dedicated to all the lost love or broken heart we have suffered but still continue to love

Mi Unico Amor “My Only Love” is to the special one we found that we can not live apart from

Aurora is a song about a beautiful and wonderful mother with the name that means sunshine

And my collection of Christian music:

El Que Mi Alma Espera “My Soul Awaits” for our savior and Lord Jesus

Ilumina el Camino “Shine the Path” Give us your light our Lord

Oyeme Padre “Hear me Father” Was written for fathers day and a song to honor all the great fathers in this world

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